Ashes 2009 Free Download
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Ashes 2009 PC Game is developed by Transmission Games and presented by Code Master. Ashes 2009 is the game which has only the series of Test Matches and just two teams. The game is based on the test series event in 2009 that England and Australia gave their best to become the rival champion. So the game is totally based on that scenario. The best thing about this game is that you will never get bored playing this. The playing options of bowling and batting is a lot different from any other game which makes this game a lot smoother and faster to run Which reminds me of another game called Cricket 07. It has the best intereface designed of the ground. Everything in it looks much more realistic. Also you will have to keep your field player on some specific points for that you might need some hints which this game surely provides. You might will be able to see all the strategical report on your screen. This feature can also be experienced on another game called IPL 6.

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